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SquareEnix's new Private Event DKΣ3713

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Square Enix has announced a Private Party for 2008 called DKΣ3713. The name seems faily odd, however Forever Fantasy has theorized what it could represent.

D - Dragon Quest, Dissidia
K - Kingdom Hearts
Σ - Sigma Harmonics
3 - Kingdom Hearts 3, The 3rd Birthday
7 - Final Fantasy 7 (Advent Children Complete)
13 - Final Fantasy 13

The Event will take place on August 2 & 3, with the following session schedule.

August 2 (Saturday)
10:00 A.M. ~ 13:00 P.M.
13:30 P.M. ~ 16:30 P.M.
17:00 P.M. ~ 20:00 P.M.

August 3 (Sunday)
10:00 A.M. ~ 13:00 P.M.
13:30 P.M. ~ 16:30 P.M.
17:00 P.M. ~ 20:00 P.M.

Finally, what everyone was looking forward to, is the games Lineup.

Final Fantasy XIII (PlayStation 3)
Final Fantasy Agito XIII (Mobile)
Final Fantasy Versus XIII (PlayStation 3)
Kingdom Hearts Coded (Mobile)
Kingdom Hearts358/2 Days (Nintendo DS) Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep (Sony PSP)
Dissidia Final Fantasy (Sony PSP)
The 3rd Birthday (Mobile)
Sigma Harmonics (Nintendo DS)
Final Fantasy VII AC Complete (Blu-Ray)

Recently one of Square's most foremost developers, Tetsuya Nomura, spoke a little about what we'll see at DKΣ3713.

While the event will be primarily a private function, we have been told that various Final Fantasy titles will feature.

What is notable though is Nomura mentioning Agito's current state - it is currently tackling difficulties at the moment in the development process as it seems that the team has far too much written content. The team has to work on condensing this properly before it can move ahead.

Additionally, Nomura notes that the storyline of Final Fantasy Versus 13 is currently complete, but we will only find out more about this after Final Fantasy 13 is settled.

Lastly, we may finally have a release date for Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children Complete revealed at the event. Although not confirmed, there is a good possibility.

DKΣ3713 will be held on the 2nd and 3rd of August. Expect further information to be released around that time.

Sources: and Final Fantasy Insider

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update: Bwa haha ha ha ha...!! Salah kirim. heh hehehehe....

TOLAK ROY SURYO - Petition Online

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Aku baru aja nemu petisi online tentang om Roy Suryo nih. Klik di sini buat ikut petisi.

Semoga tidak ada lagi manusia-manusia tolol di bumi Indonesia.

Dead Fantasy - Final Fantasy Meets Dead or Alive

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Kalian ga akan percaya ini! Pernahkah kalian membayangkan karakter cewek Final Fantasy bertemu dengan karakter cewek Dead or Alive?

Kalau mereka bertarung manakah yang akan keluar sebagai pemenang?

Yah, mungkin terlalu dini untuk menjawab siapa yang bakalan menang, tapi... hehehe... Tapi, pertarungan antara cewek Final Fantasy dengan cewek Dead or Alive tidak hanya sekedar fantasi.
Believe it or not, here's Dead Fantasy.

Dead Fantasy is a fan made masterpiece of Monty Oum, a short action pack video combining characters mainly from Final Fantasy and Dead or Alive. This is a must see if you’re an FF or DOA fan.

And here's the first and second episode of Dead Fantasy video to feast on:

Dead fantasy I :

Online Videos by

Dead fantasy II:

Online Videos by

nb: mulai sekarang aku akan menggunakan Veoh untuk menampilakn video karena youtube telah diblok oleh pemerintah. Tapi jangan khawatir, karena kualitas videoVeoh jauh di atas Youtube. ^^

Apollo Justice has been set free

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If you've been worried that your Nintendo DS hasn't been getting enough adventure games lately, this week has brought some good news. Following the recent release of Professor Layton and the Curious Village, Capcom has just announced that Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney is now shipping to retailers.

Yup, akhirnya setelah menunggu lamaaa sekali ;) , Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney (Gakuten Saiban 4) direlese juga tanggal 19 Februari kemarin. Malam ini aku bakalan lembur mainin game ini :D

The latest game in the Ace Attorney series is the debut title for the newest attorney, Apollo Justice, and the first to be developed exclusively for the DS. Along with the familiar gameplay elements found in the Phoenix Wright series, there is the "Crime Recreation Mode" to investigate the crime scene and collect evidence.

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney

  • Developer : Capcom
  • Releases : US, 19February2008
  • Control : Stylus
  • perpective : First Person, Third Person
  • Platform : Nintendo DS
  • Theme : Comedy, Legal, Mystery

For more information about the game, check out the official Ace Attorney website


Wada Debates Releasing FFXIII in 2008

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"Nikkei Torendinetto interviewed Yoichi Wada and managed to get him to discuss the release date of Final Fantasy XIII. While quite vague, he does say (according to the translation) that he is unsure whether to release Final Fantasy XIII the same year as Dragon Quest IX.

Since both games are high profile games, Wada does not know whether it would be good business to release two huge games in such a short time frame, so at this point he is undecided.

However the fact that he says that he is undecided about it, implies that it would be possible to release it this year, so maybe the game's development is further along than we have previously been told."


Jadi ada kemungkinan Final Fantasy XII release di tahun 2008? Woohoo!! Semoga saja begitu. Sudah tidak sabar nih ingin main Final Fantasy XIII. Semoga Dragon Quest yang diundur. ;D


FFXIII and FFvXIII Extended Trailers

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Ugh... akhirnya mereka (SquareEnix) mengeluarkan juga extended trailer untuk Final Fantasy XIII dan Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Bagi yang ingin melihatnya lihat video di bawah ini. Tapi kenapa ya mereka selalu merelease trailer lewat majalah? Alangkah bagusnya kalau langsung direlease di website mereka. Yah, bagaimanapun aku sangat senang melihat trailers baru ini, karena kelihatannya game ini akan direlease pada akhir tahun 2008 menurutku. Lama sekali ya. Tapi mau bagaimana lagi, game-game sekarang menuntut grafik yang bagus, dan Final Fantasy Series adalah game dengan grafik yang diatas rata-rata. Jadi tidak ada salahnya untuk menunggu bukan? Itu menurutku. Kalu kamu?